Over 5 years, Luxon LED has been producing and launching light fixtures using new LED technology. Our business activity is based on designing and producing lamps using only carefully selected highly effective and quality components.

Comprehensive offer for office, commercial and industrial buildings

Luxon LED is the fastest growing lighting manufacturer in EMEA region according to Deloitte Fast 500 ranking. Our business idea is based on the best industry practices supported by modern technologies. OSRAM is our key supplier of components for the production of lighting fixtures.

We believe that we can provide our clients with the best support, the highest efficiency and quality of production from our production plant in Poland.

Our offer focuses on 3 main segments: industry, commercial buildings and offices as well as street lighting. As one of the precursors in the industry, we implement our own IoT platform and solutions for new technologies that will allow our clients to achieve even more benefits thanks to the lighting infrastructure in their facilities.

Five years ago, we were the first Polish company to produce the LED technology lighting for major office and industrial development investments. From the very beginning we have been offering proven light fixtures replacing fluorescent lamps, suitable for surface or recessed ceiling mounting. We cooperate with the best technical schools, scientists and R&D companies. Therefore, all products we offer are innovative and high-quality.

Major Technological Partner – OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

When comparing the LED light fixtures one should pay attention to the ‘heart’ of a given light fixture, i.e. LED diodes. The origin, effectiveness and quality of a diode notably influences the life-span of the whole light fixture.

Since 2013, our products are entirely based on OSRAM Opto Semiconductors components what makes Luxon LED offer one of the most technologically attractive offers on the market. The effectiveness of the diodes we use exceeds 140lm/W, whereas the life-span of some light applications is as great as 100,000 hours.

We are one of very few Polish companies which can be proud of the co-branding contract with our technological partner and this is the reason Luxon LED products are provided with ‘OSRAM LED Technology Included’ label.

The way to saving

Thanks to well-qualified team composed of our designers, engineers and salespeople, we offer our aid and advice at every stage of the investment. We are well-aware of the importance of saving the electrical energy to every business, therefore within the whole process of designing and producing the lighting, we aim to obtain the lowest rate of return on investment possible.

Our customers – our mark

When purchasing light fixtures, every investor wants to obtain a guarantee of the safety and reliability of the product. As a manufacturer who cares about the customer’s satisfaction, we fully understand it.

The most notable confirmation of the quality of Luxon LED light fixtures is the opinion and satisfaction of our customers. During over 5 years of our operation, our light fixtures have been helping to illuminate different office, commercial and industrial buildings of such companies as, among others: ArcelorMittal Poland S.A., Kraft Foods Polska S.A., Zott Polska Sp. z o.o., Baxter Manufacturing Sp. z o.o., Stokrotka Sp. z o.o., Merida Sp. z o.o., LG Display Poland Sp. z o.o., Lukas Bank S.A. (currently Credit Agricole S.A.).

We encourage You to read ‘Implemented projects’ section where we present case studies of selected projects implemented within the scope of office and industrial lighting.