Methods of funding

Long life-span and high energy-efficiency of Luxon LED light fixtures allows to carry out investments in lighting modernization without any excessive cost.

We grant aid to our customers to obtain the external investment funding on the basis of:

  1. operational lease, offered together with our financial partners;
  2. Sustainable Energy Financing Program (Polseff).
Schemat finansowania

Operational lease

We give You the possibility to fund the investments using the operational lease with the following basic terms and conditions:

  • Term: From 24 to 59 months
  • Total cost: From 110% to 124% of the initial value depending on the term of the lease as well as the amount of the initial payment.

Please bear in mind that the final factor determining the conditions and costs of the lease is always a financial analysis of a given customer.

A model calculation for the lease of 35 months:

Installment % Installment PLN
Initial lease installment: 10,000000% 12 307,68
Lease installment amount 2,968789% 3 653,89
Residual value 1,000000% 1 230,77
Total 114,907615% 141 424,60