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Ares LED
Universal luminaire for office and commercial facilities.


Office and commercial luminaires

Ares LED

Branded components
– guarantee durability and safety.
and safety.

Ares:LED – office luminaire with a modern and aesthetic appearance. Easy and universal assembly. High quality, powder-coated, aluminum housing, 3 mounting systems.

Product Available in multiple configurations

technical drawing of Ares
Branded components guarantee durability and safety.
Choosing luminaire profile color possible
Quick and universal mounting.
DALI system available.
Office, Commercial buildings, Exposure lighting, Public buildings
Technology and Certifications
Ares assembly

Different design options for one luminaire.


How to emphasize the uniqueness of car models using lighting?


Large retail space is an additional challenge for lighting designers.

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“We appreciate the flexibility and the possibility of adjusting the offer to the client. The luminaires used in the showroom illuminate both its space and the interior of the cars.”


Jarosław Kasprzyk,
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Ares:LED- universality of mounting systems

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Ares:LED is made of powder-coated aluminum. Its high efficiency and longevity are guaranteed by brand components. For the needs of office and commercial rooms, the luminaire has been adapted to three types of installation: recessed, surface and suspended.

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Modernization of lighting in PepsiCo production plants

PepsiCo is a global leader in the food industry and a leading Polish producer of carbonated beverages. The company owns such brands as Pepsi, Mirinda, 7UP, Mountain Drew, and produces sugar-free beverages such as Pepsi Max, Pepsi Light and Pepsi Light Lemon, as well as non-carbonated drinks such as Lipton Ice Tea, Toma juices and mineral water Krystaliczne Źródło.

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Complex implementation and modernization of 
the lightning system along the Sudecka Street in Legnica

The Municipal Road Authority in Legnica decided to have the lightning system on the Sudecka Street upgraded and was looking for a comprehensive contractor.

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What is IoT? Read about our modern LED technology

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