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Luxon LED Luminaires

Luxon LED luminaires are made of plastic or aluminium, depending on application and operating conditions. Except for cases where the design or manufacturing costs are the deciding factors, the main purpose of LED luminaries is an efficient heat removal and a design guaranteeing an optimum light reflection or diffusion.

The luminaries are made of extruded aluminium profiles, aluminium sheets and components featuring high thermal conductivity and low weight.

High power luminaires also require heat sinks. We calculate the heat performance for specific application and plot a curve, that guarantees a removal of required heat to ensure proper LED operating conditions and long lifetime. The design also protects power supply against the heat radiated by the heat sink. The luminaries used in high humidity and high dustiness areas or exposed to mechanical damage are also reinforced and sealed.

Industrial:LED and Optima:LED luminaries are made of ABS featuring high impact strength (crack resistance), high hardness, high scratch resistance and low weight. It is much easier to obtain a high protection rating (IP) in plastic luminaries used in low power industrial applications not requiring heat sink.

The design of all luminaires is consulted both with the LED lighting experts and the designers, to make sure the Luxon luminaires go well with a modern design.